05/12/2013 09:54 am ET

Ironing Clothes With Aluminum Foil Saves Time And Money (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

Guys, this seriously might be the most useful life hack ever.

Ironing clothes feels like one of the most time-consuming chores ever. Most people dislike it so much that they end up just paying to have a dry cleaner deal with it. Luckily, Household Hacker has found a way to make this tedious task a little easier -- and all you need is aluminum foil.

First, remove the ironing board cover. Then, place a long strip of foil on top of the table. Finally, put the protector back on and get to work. The video says that because of the heat reflection, you'll be able to smooth out both sides of the clothing at once -- pretty neat, huh?

Our friends at Real Simple say this is a great trick for fabrics like silk, wool and rayon clothes -- as long as you pass the iron three inches over the garment several times.

Ah, another great life hack that can potentially save you a lot of time and money. Nothing bad about that.

Watch the video above for more unique ways to use aluminum foil, and be sure to head over to Household Hacker for other cool tricks.

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