05/12/2013 08:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Health Lessons From Mom: What Our Mothers Were Right About

Maybe she told you chicken soup could help your cold or taught you to find a favorite physical activity that makes exercising fun or impressed upon you the importance of a good night's sleep.

Turns out, a lot of the time, mom really does know best. This Mother's Day, we're celebrating the many ways in which, when it comes to health, mom knows best. We asked our Facebook community and Twitter followers to tell us about the health lessons they learned from their mothers. Some of our favorite responses are below.

What was your mom right about when it comes to health? Tweet @healthyliving with #MomKnowsBest and we'll add yours to the slideshow below.

"Eat your vegetables, and you don't have to clean your plate if you're full. Thanks Mom!!!" -- Maggie Hayden

"Don't buy cheap shoes." -- Lori Allen Palmer

"Sit up straight." -- Linda Ursin
sit up straight

"Fish is 'brain food'. Eat your carrots and tomatoes." -- Annie Carlile

"Don't sleep in your makeup, sleep in your jammies!" -- Patrice Fike

"No sugar-coated cereals!" -- Christopher Kenneth Hansen
marshmallow cereal

"Avoid sugar and trans fats. And if you don't buy junk food, you won't have it around the house to eat." -- Solveig Spjeldnes

"Don't drink soda." -- Laura King
soda cans

"Drinking water!" -- Jodi Granger Cahill

"Eating fresh foods without preservatives. Growing your own garden. The importance of physical activity!!!" -- Aimee Wyler Kartchner
gardening mom daughter

"Exercise keeps you young." -- Michele Sacks Lowenstein