05/13/2013 01:49 pm ET Updated Jul 13, 2013

12-Year-Old Boy Tied To Pole Found By Jehovah's Witnesses In Miami Beach (VIDEO)

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Jehovah's Witnesses going door-to-door in Miami Beach on Sunday made a horrifying discovery in the common area of an apartment building.

A 12-year-old boy had been tied to an outdoor pole by his father, according to a police report, his ankles bound with bicycle cable.

Investigators say Adolfo Guzman, 49, had been exasperated with his son for having wandered off for a few hours the day before and made good on an earlier threat to tie the boy up if he again left home without permission.

After tying the boy to a concrete pole in the building's laundry area, Guzman left for several hours to do some shopping, according to the police report.

NBC6 reports the boy was rescued after being spotted by canvassing Jehovah's Witnesses, who called police.

“This is a horrific crime," Miami Beach Police spokesman Sgt. Bobby Hernandez told the Miami Herald. "It is unbelievable that someone would do this to their child. It’s wrong to leave a dog chained up, much less your own son."

Jail records show Guzman is being held on $50,000 bond on a charge of aggravated child abuse.

NBC6 reports the boy, who complained of pain in his ankles but was otherwise unharmed, is now in the care of a relative.