05/13/2013 03:36 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Daft Punk Leak & iTunes Stream Reveal 'Random Access Memories' To Fans

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"Daft Punk leak!" screamed thousands of tweets on Monday afternoon. It's true: "Random Access Memories," the highly anticipated comeback album from house legends Daft Punk slipped through some cracks and found itself available for a bootleg download.

The version that leaked is a low-quality file -- salt in the wound of the French duo, who spent three years working to bring a warmer, fuller sound back to dance music. For those who either don't know how to download the leaked copy or prefer to listen to a higher quality version, iTunes is now streaming the album in full. To access it: Navigate to iTunes' Daft Punk artist page (get there by clicking on their name) and wait for the "Random Access Memories" promo image to appear. You should then be able to click "Listen Now" on the album art for the record. (See screenshot below.)

daft punk leak

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