05/13/2013 03:51 am ET

'Smash': While Derek Continues To Be A Sleaze, Ivy Gets Some Unexpected News (VIDEO)

While it may have been cancelled by NBC, "Smash" isn't done quite yet. And it had at least one major bombshell left for the star of "Bombshell." At the end of the current episode, she got an unexpected phone call. Ivy was so distracted trying to battle her public image to improve her chances at a Tony nomination that she must have forgotten about a recent trip to the doctor.

The phone call revealed a situation that may cause a bigger hurdle to her continued success on the stage this season than any bad publicity. Ivy is pregnant, which probably means it's Derek's. This news rather came out of nowhere for Vulture, who wrote, "What the what. Happy f*cking Mother's Day."

Speaking of her one-time director, Derek proved himself as big an idiot as ever when it was revealed that he'd not only slept with a dancer who once had a sexual harassment suit against him, but he offered her a part in "Hit List" in exchange for certain ... favors. An offer that she recorded for blackmail use later.

That later came to pass as she started angling for Ana's part, and Derek was prepared to just give it to her. Ana and Karen started trying to fight him to make this problem go away. Time is running out to see how it all ends for both productions and to sing "The Goodbye Song" for a show that started high and collapsed so dramatically.

There are only two hours left of "Smash," and they both air back-to-back in two weeks on Sunday, May 26 at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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