05/13/2013 04:11 pm ET Updated May 14, 2013

Son Surprises His Mom With A House For Mother's Day (VIDEO)

This son has raised the bar for all future Mother's Day surprises.

Michael Luangrath of Las Vegas posted this tear-jerker of a video to YouTube of his Mother's Day surprise: He bought his mother a new house.

According to the video, Luangrath's mother survived her fight against cervical cancer 10 years ago only to be left with hefty medical bills and hard times for her business. She's worked every day since just to stay afloat.

Along with the video, Luangrath wrote:

For years, one of the goals of mine was always to provide my mother with something she worked so hard for and lost. Las Vegas was one of the hardest hit city in the economic downturn, and my mother ended up losing her home. Its been a long time coming and I just wanted to share this special moment with you.

Hundreds of YouTube users commended Luangrath for his gesture. One user commented, "People make fun of 'Momma's boys' all the time, but a real Man would do anything for his mother."

Luangrath's gesture is similar to that of another YouTube user who paid off his mom's mortgage and posted her incredible reaction to the site last month.



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