05/13/2013 05:26 pm ET Updated May 13, 2013

Ted Nugent Immigration Plan Calls For Undocumented 'Indentured Servants' To Build Border Fence

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Ted Nugent might be a controversy-courting, ultra-conservative lighting rod, but he's a pretty effective one.

The National Rifle Association board member and anti-President Barack Obama campaigner posted a new column on conservative site WorldNetDaily last week, laying out his "Nuge Immigration Plan (NIP)."

NIP allows for undocumented immigrants to become United States citizens, but only after five years of indentured servitude, according to Nugent. He writes:

The NIP is not an amnesty program. Amnesty is for left-wing mollycoddlers, losers, bureaucrats and hippies. Occupy that.

We need a real full-length, undefeatable border fence built. All illegal men in America should be required to work on building the fence, to be completed in one year. We would pay them minimum wage, provide food and shelter, and provide them English and American history classes at night. Everyone wins.

Aspiring citizens connected to gangs will not be eligible for NIP and will be subject to deportation, Nugent writes. They must also pass an English fluency test and American history test.

"The most racist thing our government does is to print literature in Spanish," Nugent argues, "thereby encouraging people not to learn English and deny themselves all the American Dream has to offer."

In the past, Nugent's immigration comments have been consistently extreme.

In a 2008 interview Fox News' Sean Hannity, Nugent said he'd like to kill undocumented immigrants "invading" the country.

"I'd like to shoot 'em dead," he told the hosts.

Similarly, in 2000, Nugent told non-English speakers to leave the country, Media Matters notes. And in 1994, during an interview with Denver music blog Westword, Nugent said the following in reference to Haitian immigrants: "We should put razor wire around our borders and give the finger to any piece of [s***] who wants to come here."



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