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James Franco Tells GQ Which Of His Movies 'Sucks' (PHOTO)

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No one will ever accuse James Franco of sugarcoating things after he admitted that at least one of his movies "sucks."

The 35-year-old graces the cover of GQ's June 2013 issue, and he got quite candid with the magazine about his image and career.

"My public persona is something that is only partially constructed by me, so if people want to mock that, it's fine. I mock it," he told GQ.

And his persona is not the only thing he's open to mocking. The Oscar-nominated actor is well aware that not every project he's worked on has been a good one. "'Your Highness'? That movie sucks," he admitted. "You can't get around that."

Franco's comments likely won't sit well with the film's director, David Gordon Green, who referred to the film as his "baby" and seemed pretty proud of his work when he spoke to HuffPost Entertainment in April:

"Your Highness" was an incredibly difficult job. It was a massive undertaking and it was one that was going to be released the way that I needed that movie to be released. So, that's the psychological undertaking as well. And there were brilliant studio heads at Universal that were supportive of me that ended up -- the theatrical version of that movie is what I needed it to be.

It's not the first time Franco has dissed a film he's appeared in, and with at least 86 acting credits to his name, there're likely many more he's not particularly proud of.

This past March, Franco didn't mince words when he said the 2006 movie "Annapolis" was "bad." He went on to say that he "ended up not liking the experience and not liking the movie."

It was an admission that was not appreciated by the film's director, Justin Lin, who told HuffPost Entertainment earlier this month that Franco's comments were "very hurtful" and "not very respectful."

"I wish James could keep it to himself because I don't know the point. We make movies and we all try our best and sometimes we connect with the audience, sometimes we don't. And I can tell you for a fact: A lot of people worked very, very hard to make him look good," he explained. "Whether we succeeded or not? You know, that's subjective. There are people who like that film -- the film did well in home video -- the reviews are maybe not what we had hoped for. But it was also a genre that's very hard to make."

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