05/15/2013 07:35 am ET Updated May 15, 2013

'NCIS' Finale: Parson's Case Against Gibbs Grows Stronger, Leading To Dramatic Move By The Team (VIDEO)

"NCIS" wrapped its season with a shocking cliffhanger, and a dramatic and perhaps even more shocking flash forward. The bulk of the episode saw the noose tightening around Gibbs' neck, courtesy of the investigator, Parsons. The man was driven and willing to do anything to get his man, despite his own claims that it's all about the law.

But regardless of Parson's character flaws, the allegations he's investigating are their core true. Gibbs did kill the man who killed his wife and daughter, and his team did help cover up that crime so he could get away with it. But they proved that the team is more family than anything when they went in as a united front and resigned to protect Gibbs.

They "took responsibility for the accusations," which isn't the same as taking responsibility for the crimes. But it was enough to postpone the investigation into Gibbs. That would have been the end of the season, but for one additional moment set four months later. This quick scene showed Gibbs with Agent Fornell in his crosshairs. Then, fade to black and a "bang!"

Executive producer Gary Glasberg told Entertainment Weekly that next season's premiere will show viewers the moments leading up to Gibbs having Fornell in his crosshairs, as well as explaining how he fits into the bigger picture. TV Fanatic found this finale to be both "fantastic" and "frustrating." Looks like it's going to be a long summer.

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