05/15/2013 10:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

New Google Maps Could Have Better Travel Options, Adapt To Your Needs Over Time: Report

Last week, we got a little peak at some rumored Google Maps updates, and were struck with how much the new Google Maps reminded us of Apple Maps. This week, more screenshots have been leaked, and we have to say: the new Google Maps looks pretty awesome.

Droid Life discovered that the sign-up page for the new Google Maps went live for a short period of time on Tuesday, and managed to grab a few screenshots before the page was pulled. If Droid Life is correct, the new Google Maps has more travel options, incorporates features from Google Earth, and learns your preferences the more you use it.

Read the Droid Life report to get the entire story, but we'll run down some of the features here:

  • The new Google Maps will let you compare all different types of transportation (biking, public transit, flying, etc.) all at once. new google maps

    "You can now compare multiple modes of transportation right on the map to find the best way there and the best way home."

  • Google may also be getting into the travel business by suggesting flight options.
    new google maps

    "New flight directions help you find flight options, ticket prices, and estimated travel times right on the map."

  • Over time, Google Maps will adjust to your preferences and make suggestions based on your use.
    new google maps

    "As you search the map, star places you like and leave reviews, the map starts to adapt and can suggest things like restaurants you might enjoy or the quickest way home. In other words, the more you use the new Google Maps, the more helpful it becomes."

See more features at Droid Life, and watch out for the new Google Maps unveiling at Google's I/O conference this week.



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