05/15/2013 09:42 am ET Updated May 15, 2013

Rush Limbaugh: Obama 'Is Fixated On Me' (AUDIO)

The Obama administration has had a lot to worry about — from recent revelations that the Department of Justice secretly obtained Associated Press phone records, to the IRS' targeting of conservative groups — in recent days. Rush Limbaugh, however, asserted Tuesday that President Obama's biggest problem was none other than Limbaugh himself.

The radio host made the audacious claim during his show, after saying that he heard from a friend that Obama told celebrities that he could not get anything done because of Limbaugh.

"[Obama] is fixated on me," Limbaugh boasted. "He simply cannot get me off his mind. I live rent free in his head. And he is using me as his convenient excuse for not being able to get anything done."

He claimed that Obama was "begging" Republicans to denounce him. "The fact remains that the truth of the matter is, by his own admission, I am the opposition to Barack Obama," he continued.

"I'm the one thing in his way, and he's very comfortable in telling people that I'm it," he added.

Limbaugh similarly boasted in April about being mentioned by Obama at the White House Correspondents' Dinner. He claimed that the president was "praising" him "for daring to say what actually is."

Recent events have suggested that Obama has much more on his mind than Limbaugh. The White House has come under fire since it was revealed that the IRS subjected organizations affiliated with the Tea Party to additional reviews. Meanwhile, the Department of Justice's AP scandal has elicited comparisons of Obama to President Nixon.

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