05/15/2013 04:32 am ET Updated May 15, 2013

'So You Think You Can Dance' Premiere: Taylor Still Auditions After Dislocating Her Knee (VIDEO)

Getting a jump on the summer season, "So You Think You Can Dance" kicked off its 10th season in Los Angeles. There, the judges were introduced to Taylor Ward, who had more heart and determination than possibly anyone who has ever auditioned. During warm-ups outside the theater, Taylor dislocated her knee.

Luckily, if you're the people who edit this show together -- the cameras were rolling and caught both the gruesome dislocation, as well as the jerk when her knee popped back into place. Add some crackling sound effects and run it in slow motion over and over again, and it becomes an image that will haunt viewers for weeks to come. HitFix certainly appreciated it, writing, "Thanks for the crunching noise, ‘SYTYCD’! She sounds like a taco chip."

Taylor said that this is something that happens to her from time to time, due to loose joints, but it's never happened this severely before. As she's only been dancing seriously for a few months, she's probably putting new stresses on it. She grew up playing softball, but gave it up to pursue her passion for dance.

That passion saw her take to the stage only a few hours after sustaining her injury. And while she modified her performance slightly, it was still a stellar and powerful contemporary piece that moved the panel. "This is the definition of guts, and shows why in the world people choose careers in dance: Because they freakin’ love it," said CarterMatt. "There’s not that much money in this, and the fact that she dislocated her leg ... and still went out to perform is pretty darn incredible. She was still fantastic, almost in spite of the injury."

Taylor made her way to the choreography round, where she impressed the judges enough to get that coveted ticket to Las Vegas and the next round.

"So You Think You Can Dance" continues on Wednesday night at 9 p.m. ET before settling back into its regular Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET slot for the summer.

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