05/15/2013 03:41 pm ET

Women Arm Wrestle, Scream, At 2013 European Championship (VIDEO)

Spectators who take issue with the grunts in women's tennis, be warned: You haven't seen anything yet.

During the 2013 European Arm Wrestling Championship, which concluded May 13 in Lithuania, competitors issued exertion-related grunts aplenty. But this match, in which a woman from the Ukraine appears to face off against a woman from either Georgia or Romania, takes it to an eye-popping new level.

A YouTube video of the matchup, uploaded on May 14, starts predictably enough: The women square off and, as voices in the background cheer and holler, the athletes' straining becomes evident. Within seconds, the volume of their grunts escalates dramatically as both women dig deep and really give it their all.

WATCH the video, above. Make sure you have sound on -- and low -- before you press play.