05/16/2013 11:11 am ET

Bike To Work Day 2013: Tips For A Green Commute

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From Mother Nature Network's Chris Baskind:

There's never been a better time to consider walking, public transportation — or the greenest, most efficient form of transport: cycling.

Once a novelty of the Industrial Revolution, bicycles now supply millions of people with efficient, healthy, pollution-free daily transportation. Bicycles can reduce traffic congestion and noise. You can park a dozen bikes in the space of a single automobile, and the idea of a morning commute free of fossil fuels seems particularly attractive fuel costs go up and down.

Even if you only cycle once a week — on Casual Fridays, perhaps — you'll be reducing your weekly commute's environmental impact by 20 percent. That's about the same as trading your current vehicle for a hybrid, and a lot cheaper.

Yes, you'll sweat. No, you won't smell like a horse around the office. Yes, you can really do this. You'll be healthier and a little richer for the experience.

But commuting by bicycle takes planning. Let's get started!