05/16/2013 06:03 pm ET

Stay Together For The Kids? HuffPost Blogger Denise Albert Says No (VIDEO)

Should you stay together for the kids?

Experts fall all across the spectrum on that age-old issue, but one divorced mom told HuffPost Live host Abby Huntsman earlier this week that staying in a broken marriage is "worse" for kids.

"I think that a lot of people stay because of the kids and I think that's actually worse," Denise Albert, co-creator of lifestyle brand The Moms, said. "I think staying for the kids is not a great idea."

Albert also confessed that though she was with her husband for 15 years -- they met when she was 21 -- and was married to him for 10, she fell out of love with him "early" in their marriage.

Watch the clip above for more on Albert's story, and click here to check out the full segment.



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