05/17/2013 09:33 am ET

Kym Whitley Plans A Birthday Party For Her Son -- With A $500 Cake? (VIDEO)

Kym Whitley's son Joshua has reached a milestone: The boy is turning 2 years old. All of the adults in his life -- "the village," as they're known on "Raising Whitley" -- are thrilled to celebrate Joshua's birthday and have taken it upon themselves to help Kym plan a birthday party for her sweet son.

In this clip from "Rising Whitley," Kym sits down with one village member, Harold, to talk through birthday party plans. Harold tells her that another village member, Val, has already looked into getting Joshua a special train-shaped birthday cake... and has asked everyone in the village to chip in $50 apiece to contribute toward the cost.

Kim is shocked. "If everybody in the village chips in $50 apiece, how much is the cake?" she asks incredulously. The answer? Close to $500. "That should be money so that Joshua can go to college!" Kym exclaims.

That's when Val calls. "It's not about materialistic things, but he deserves quality, Kym," Val says.

"Val, but he's just 2," Kym says.

"But Joshua knows the difference now!" Val insists.

"Do you think Joshua knows the difference between a $500 cake and a $30 cake?" Kym asks. "I was thinking we [don't] get a cake-train; we get a real train on top of the cake. I think that's genius."

Without missing a beat, Val says, "Kym, that is just ghetto."

Who will win the birthday cake battle? Find out on "Raising Whitley," which airs Saturdays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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