05/17/2013 08:26 am ET

'The Union', High School Football Offensive Line, Runs To Win (VIDEO)

The five high schoolers who make up the offensive line of the Westlake High School football team come to win. To elevate their game to the next level, they've committed to putting in the extra effort -- running.

"The Union" (as their coaches have dubbed them) run for up to an hour after their weight room practice, not because it's required but because they want to increase their endurance. "We stay after even though we don't need to," one of the teens says in the video. "We do it just to get better, so we can make the whole team better."

The video is the latest in a web series from DICK'S Sporting Goods about why runners do what they do.

"We play next to each other," another teen says. "Why wouldn't we run next to each other?"

Watch the video above for more from The Union on how they run because they care about what they do. Then tell us in the comments why you run.



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