05/18/2013 10:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Baby Warthogs Born At Detroit Zoo Have Us Wondering If A Baby Animal Can Be NOT Cute (PHOTO, POLL)

Mark M. Gaskill / Detroit Zoo

Baby otter triplets? So cute. Pudu fawn? So sweet! Young, wrestling red pandas? Adorable! Tiny turtles? Don't even get us started. Newborn warthogs? Aww -- wait, what?

Ever since the internet invented cute kitten videos, it's been a well known fact that there's nothing that fills one with joy like a baby animal showing off how small it is, preferably alongside its much larger parent. And usually, the more exotic the better: you can never get enough kittens, but the surprise cuteness of the lesser-known baby gerenuk somehow makes it even more adorable. But what about animals that aren't known for their good looks?

Daphne and Violet, two female warthogs, were born April 7 to mom Lilith and dad Linus at the Detroit Zoo in Royal Oak, Mich. According to the Detroit Zoological Society, they're likely to grow to be 30 inches tall and will weigh more than 125 pounds. Their flat faces will be speckled with protruding warts and each will feature four huge tusks, a long snout and high-set eyes.

Not the best recipe for cuteness, and we haven't even gotten to the nearly hairless, wrinkly, gray bodies.

But these piglets are named for characters on "Frasier" and in the "Peanuts" comic strip and look cute enough to coo over in this photo from the Detroit Zoo.

baby warthogs photos detroit zoo

Photo by Mark M. Gaskill, courtesy the Detroit Zoological Society

At least one person finds Daphne and Violet charming.

“We’re excited to have these baby warthogs and to help this small population in zoos grow,” said Robert Lessnau, Detroit Zoological Society Curator of Mammals. “The piglets are very cute and we’re happy to introduce them to zoo visitors.”

What do you think? Can baby warthogs compete with kittens for your affection? Answer our poll and find another look at the piglets below. And if you want even more baby warthogs, check out photos of the piglets at Zoo Miami or go see Daphne and Violet at the Detroit Zoo.

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