05/19/2013 10:33 am ET

Trick That Opens A Pill Bottle In One Move

Trying to open a pill or vitamin bottle easily is like trying to find a needle in a haystack: impossible. Or at least that what we thought. We recently came across this clever life hack from Instructables that shows you how to pop the lid without wanting to throw the bottle across the room.

Editor's note: Please do not try this in a home where there are children. All medications should be kept far out of reach of children and pets at all times.

Simply mold a pack of Sugru, a soft, clay-like rubber adhesive to the top. Allow it to harden for 24 hours. After, the bottle should be simple to open thanks to the firm new grip. If you're not sure where to buy Sugru locally, you can visit the website to order. Or, watch the video above for the DIY version.

Click through our slideshow to see more life hacks, and be sure to head over to Instructables for more information.

Brilliant Life Hacks

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