05/20/2013 03:43 pm ET Updated May 20, 2013

Anchors Evacuate During Live Broadcast In Kansas After Tornado Rips Through Wichita (VIDEO)

Not even news anchors are exempt from the whims of local weather.

That much was demonstrated Sunday afternoon when Kansas-based news anchors were forced to evacuate during a live broadcast after a tornado touched down near the studio in downtown Wichita.

J.D. Rudd, a meteorologist for NBC affiliate KSN, was preparing to give an update on the storm when he appeared to be motioned off camera during the live broadcast. In the video footage, as Rudd rushes off-screen, another voice (unseen) explains that the time has finally come for everyone in the news station to seek shelter.

“It appears that it is time for all of us to get to shelter,” the man said in the video. “Get to shelter right now! Everybody ... let’s go!”

According to NBC News, the local station employees, who had provided live coverage of the storm for nearly two hours before the evacuation, left the studio around 4:15 p.m. Some took cover in the building's basement.

Fortunately, the tornado lifted shortly after it arrived at KSN's doorstep and left the building largely undamaged.

Tweeting storm updates throughout the day, Rudd later addressed the evacuation on Twitter.

The tornado that ripped through downtown Wichita was one of several to rock the midwest over the weekend. Described by the National Weather Service as "large, violent and extremely dangerous," the twister caused some minor damage to properties near the city; however, no injuries were reported.

“When you live in Kansas, that’s just one of those things that’s going to happen,” Wichita resident Chuck Walton told KSN.

While the city may have gotten off relatively scot-free this time, other cities in the region did not fare as well. At least two people have been confirmed dead, both of whom were killed near Shawnee, Okla., according to the Associated Press. The National Weather Service predicts that severe weather will continue to batter the area through Monday afternoon and evening.

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Okla. Mom Recalls Being In Labor During Tornado

While the Moore Medical Center crumbled around her on Monday afternoon, Shay-la Taylor was in labor with her second baby boy.

The mom-to-be knew about the severe weather watch as she checked into the hospital to be induced at 9 a.m. that morning, but says she wasn’t really nervous.

“We’re used to tornadoes and sirens,” the 25-year-old mom told HuffPost in a phone interview. “If you freaked out every time you heard a siren, you’d have an anxiety attack every May in Oklahoma.”

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--Farah L. Miller

05/23/2013 12:47 AM EDT

Sheriff's Department Offers View Inside Plaza Towers Elementary

05/22/2013 11:37 PM EDT

California Cupcakery Holds Fundraising Event For Oklahoma

Sprinkles Cupcakes in Los Angeles plans to donate all of the proceeds from their (ever-popular) Red Velvet cupcake sold on May 22 to support Oklahomans affected by Monday's tornado.

"As a native Oklahoman with my parents and brother still living in Oklahoma City, I am especially heartbroken by this devastating tragedy," Charles Nelson, co-founder of Sprinkles, stated on Facebook.

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--Sasha Bronner

05/22/2013 11:07 PM EDT

PHOTO: Kevin Durant Tours Tornado-Ravaged Moore

moore tornado kevin durant

Basketball player Kevin Durant viewed tornado-damaged homes in Moore, Okla., on Wednesday. The Oklahoma City Thunder star also donated $1 million to the American Red Cross for relief efforts. The Thunder later matched the $1 million donation. (Sue Ogrocki / AP)

05/22/2013 10:56 PM EDT

Mail Service Alternatives Offered In Storm-Damaged Areas

The post office branch in Moore, Okla., was one of the thousands of buildings damaged or destroyed by Monday's twister. To help residents impacted by the disaster, the US Postal Service is setting up mail service alternatives in the area, News9.com reported.

Some of the options being offered include held mail, portable post offices and delivery service through an alternative office nearby. Letter carriers will also attempt to deliver mail wherever possible.

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