05/20/2013 09:33 am ET

Bob Woodward: Benghazi 'Is Not Watergate' (VIDEO)

The Washington Post's Bob Woodward seems to have some mixed feelings about the attack on the U.S. consulte in Benghazi and whether it can be compared to Watergate.

The journalist, who recently made headlines for a public and somewhat embarrassing argument with White House economic adviser Gene Sperling, has issued contradictory statements in response to the three government scandals dominating press reports. He made the most recent comment on Sunday's "Meet The Press."

Soon after the attack on the U.S. consulate that killed four Americans in September, Woodward seemed to dismiss any notion that the devastating incident was like Watergate when he said that it "did not rate very high" on his list of potential scandals/cover-ups.

Last week, however, Woodward appeared on MNSBC's "Morning Joe" and said that Benghazi was more like Watergate than the two other government scandals currently brewing: the DOJ secretly obtaining the phone records of multiple AP journalists (and a Fox News reporter) and the IRS targeting Tea Party groups.

When asked how the administration was handling the onslaught of negative reports on Sunday's "Meet The Press," Woodward seemed to swing the pendulum the other way, saying that Benghazi was not like Watergate.

"Well first of all, I mean, people are making comparisons to Watergate. This is not Watergate but there are some people in the administration who have acted as if they want to be Nixonian. And that’s a very big problem," he said.

"Who and how?" host David Gregory asked.

"Well on the whole Benghazi thing. You look at those talking points. The initial draft by the CIA very explicitly said we know that activists who have ties to Al Qaeda were involved in the attack and then you see what comes out a couple of days later and there is no reference to this. This is a business where you have to tell the truth and that did not happen here," he said.



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