05/20/2013 06:15 am ET Updated May 20, 2013

'Married To Jonas': Dani Joins Kevin On Tour, Worries About Their Future (VIDEO)

Dani took a break from her own busy life to join Kevin on tour for the first time in two years on the latest episode of "Married to Jonas." But while she was there, she confided in Kevin's tour assistant that she's worried about her future with Kevin.

"With work and all that stuff, now I’m getting busy," she said. "A lot of other people that are in this industry and stuff, they are both working and they’re both really busy all the time, and I don’t ever want to lose what we have.”

She admitted to Kevin that being on tour was a challenge for her, and that she couldn't stay on tour the whole time. Kevin told her that he understood, but still asked her to stay for as long as she could. It's open communication that's the key to a long-lasting relationship, so if they keep being honest with one another like this, Dani should have nothing to worry about.

E! Online thought it was sweet seeing the couple together again after a few weeks apart. They were also glad to see that they were both willing to compromise for the sake of their relationship.

The love continues on "Married to Jonas," Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on E!

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