05/21/2013 02:48 pm ET

Brooklyn Artist Valerie Hegarty Creates Installations In Brooklyn Museum Period Rooms


BROOKLYN, NY.- Brooklyn artist Valerie Hegarty created a series of installations in two of the period rooms of the Brooklyn Museum, the latest in a series of such interventions by several artists. On view May 17 through December 1, 2013, Valerie Hegarty: Alternative Histories address themes of colonization, the idea of Manifest Destiny, and repressed history. The ground floor of the Cupola House, built around 1725 in Edenton, North Carolina, now installed in the Brooklyn Museum, features a parlor with elaborate Prussian blue woodwork that is the setting for one of Hegarty's installations. This intervention includes a floor work consisting of a deteriorating Native American patterned rug that appears to have grass, roots, and flowers growing from distressed areas. Through this rug Hegarty also examines the history of the Pendleton wool company. Blankets produced by Pendleton featured patterns that came to be associated with Native American culture but that were, in fact, an English appropriation of what were believed to be Native American.

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