05/22/2013 04:59 am ET Updated May 22, 2013

'19 Kids & Counting' Finale: Which Duggar Will Be First To Move Away From The Family? (VIDEO)

The Duggar family is spreading across the country. On the season finale of "19 Kids and Counting," Josh and Anna announced that they were moving to Washington, D.C. Josh will become the first in the massive Duggar family to move away from the family.

“Arkansas is home to me. I really have no desire to move away," he said. "But sometimes, when you have opportunities, you have to go out and seek them.”

Anna said that the couple would miss the family a lot. "It’s also going to be difficult not being so close to our built in babysitters," she joked -- but any parent of young children knows this was only partially a joke.

Jim Bob and Michelle were worried about the move because D.C. is "a very populated place. Deeply religious, Josh's parents urged their son to find a good church.

But just because they're leaving Arkansas, doesn't mean they're necessarily leaving the show. Surely the series is going to want to document the birth of the couple's third child, due this summer.

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