05/22/2013 05:32 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Justin Presciutti, Man With Disability, Meets Spider-Man (VIDEOS)

A man who describes himself as Spider-Man's "number one biggest fan" was given the treat of a lifetime earlier this month when he clinched a bit part in the upcoming film "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" and got a chance to meet his hero.

Justin Presciutti is no regular Spider-Man super fan. To the 21-year-old -- who is developmentally delayed and suffers from daily seizures, according to the Democrat and Chronicle -- the Marvel Comics superhero is an inspiring idol, whose incredible antics allow him to vicariously experience life beyond a wheelchair.

I think Justin lives through Spider-Man in some sense,” Ralph Presciutti, Justin's dad, told WHAM last month. “In being free and being able to do the things that [Spider-Man] does. Justin understands his limitations and his disability and he'll verbalize his disappointment in not being able to walk so the next best thing is to be able to swing building to building.”

So when the Presciutti family, who live in Greece, N.Y., heard the filming of "The Amazing Spider-Man 2" was coming to their area, they leaped at the chance to connect Justin with his hero.

First setting up a Facebook page to campaign for support, the Presciuttis and their friends began making calls to the casting agency in charge of hiring extras for the film.

It took weeks of effort but finally, just days before filming was about to start, Justin got a call, according to reports. He and his parents were invited to be extras in the film.

On set, Justin got to rub shoulders with William Spencer, Andrew Garfield's stunt double, who was dressed in full costume and performed a number of fancy stunts for the starstruck young man. (For photos of Justin's film set debut, visit his Facebook page.)

"When he left I was speechless, I didn't know what to say," Justin told the Democrat and Chronicle of the memorable encounter.



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