National Review's Kevin Williamson: Acela 'Makes Me Worry About Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad'

National Review's Kevin Williamson made a comment on Twitter that raised some eyebrows on Wednesday.

Williamson, a correspondent for the conservative publication, tweeted:

The phrase "Durka Durka Mohammed Jihad" is a reference to a scene in the satirical movie "Team America: World Police," in which the protagonist communicates with a terrorist saying "durka durka durka."

When journalist Adam Weinstein criticized Williamson on Twitter accusing him of "racist/Islamophobic sampling," Williamson responded, "To which race do you imagine I was referring?"

Williamson was also in the spotlight recently for throwing a woman's phone across the room during a play. He said that the woman next to him had continued to use her phone despite his request for her to stop and a pre-show announcement asking audience members to turn their phones off, so he took action. Williamson was praised by Gothamist and others on Twitter for doing so.



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