05/22/2013 05:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Science Wedding: Couple Performs Awesome Chemical Reaction During Ceremony (PHOTOS)

There was lots of chemistry between the bride and groom at this wedding!

Imgur user cherbearblue posted photos Sunday of her chemistry-themed wedding, and the tattoo she got after the Big Day to commemorate it. She and her husband (who met in grad school and are both chemists) donned lab coats and goggles during their ceremony to perform a "unity reaction." They poured sodium hydroxide into a beaker of water that contained phenolphthalein, an indicator that turned the water magenta after the sodium hydroxide was added.

They also used beakers and other chemical glassware to decorate the tables at the reception.

Check out photos of the wedding and cherbearblue's tattoo below:

The newlyweds would probably appreciate one Australian physicist's proposal to his girlfriend -- he wrote a research paper that described their relationship in scientific terms.

Check out some of the geekiest marriage proposals in the slideshow below.

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