05/22/2013 10:10 am ET

Sharyl Attkisson's Computer Not Compromised, DOJ Says


The Justice Department told Business Insider on Tuesday that it had no knowledge of "compromising" a computer belonging to CBS investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson.

The CBS reporter told a local Philadelphia radio station that her computers had been "compromised" for more than two years and that she was working with investigators to figure out the source of the problem. She avoided making any specific allegations about who might have been targeting her, but said that "there could be some relationship" with what was going on with the Department of Justice investigations into the AP and Fox News reporter James Rosen.

A Justice Department spokesperson told Business Insider, "To our knowledge, the Justice Department has never 'compromised' Ms. Atkisson’s computers, or otherwise sought any information from or concerning any telephone, computer, or other media device she may own or use."

Attkisson's allegations came on the same day the New Yorker revealed that the Department of Justice investigation into Rosen was even broader. In addition to labeling Rosen a possible "co-conspirator" and obtaining access to his personal email, the department also seized records for at least five different phone lines used by Fox News and two White House lines. The New York Times editorial board attacked the Obama administration's aggressive investigation into Rosen, arguing that it posed a threat to press freedom.

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