05/23/2013 01:37 pm ET

Alyssa Milano Talks Breastfeeding On Set Of 'Mistresses' (VIDEO)

ABC's new series "Mistresses" is about a married woman who has an affair with a coworker. But actress Alyssa Milano told Jimmy Kimmel that those steamy scenes weren't as sexy off-screen as they will appear.

The pilot was shot right after Milano gave birth to her son, Milo in 2011. "I was still breastfeeding which made those love scenes really, really sexy... let me tell you," she said sarcastically. No matter what was going on on set, Milano explained that she would stop every two hours to either nurse or pump (thanks to a particularly helpful A.D. who set a timer to remind Mom and her castmates).

Milano has spoken candidly about breastfeeding her son in the past. In 2011, the new mom told Best for Babes that Milo was "a pro at latching on" from the moment he was born. "The thing I like best about breastfeeding is the closeness I feel to Milo and knowing that he’s getting the best of me," she said.

And though Milo was present during the shooting of "Mistresses," his mom confirms that he will NOT be watching the show any time soon.



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