05/23/2013 03:26 pm ET

Awkward Pranks Creep People Out On UCSB Campus, But Provide Laughs (VIDEO)

Walking up to a stranger on campus and holding their hand will catch the person off guard, and probably come off as creepy. However, if it's put on video, it turns out to be pretty funny.

One prankster from the "Whatever" comedy crew -- identified only as "Luke," on the group's Facebook page -- hit up the University of California-Santa Barbara campus and tried some random pranks. Stealing cell phones from strangers caused tempers to flare, as did staring at people. But Luke did get some laughs from a couple of his other stunts, including holding strangers' hands. And the faculty member who he told "I like your elbows" reacted about as well as anyone could be expected to in that situation.

The video released May 22 won the Whatever team and its YouTube channel $1,000 from Andrew Hales, who runs a YouTube channel called Losing All Hope Was Freedom.

If Luke looks familiar, you might remember seeing him dishing out pickup lines and asking random girls on campus to marry him.

Watch the video above.

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