05/23/2013 06:15 am ET

'Devoured: Man-Eating Super Snake Returns': Snake Latches Onto Expert's Face (VIDEO)

On the Animal Planet "Monster Week" special "Devoured: Man-Eating Super Snake Returns,” Florida snake expert Steve Masek was on the hunt for a dangerous and possibly deadly Burmese python. Actually, scratch "possibly" from that statement. Steve learned first-hand just how deadly the 9-foot animal was.

After he tracked and captured the snake, Steve was transporting ti back to the Calusa Nature Center in Fort Meyers when it broke free from its cage and immediately went on the offensive. In one terrifying move, the snake was latched onto Steve's face.

He later provided narration to the harrowing images caught on film. "As soon as they latch on, it’s instinct to wrap. If you can’t get your hands up in there quick enough to keep it from your throat, it could choke you out." Luckily, Steve was quick enough to get his hands up to protect himself from getting choked, but he still had a big problem.

He needed the help of his partner to step in and save his life, loosening the snake's tight hold on his body. The men knew what to do because they'd experienced this before.

The Burmese python population is becoming a problem in Florida, as they are not native to the area. The state's Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission actually sponsored a month-long snake kill called "The Python Challenge" this year which brought in 68 snakes. The longest Burmese python captured and killed thus far in Florida -- which is also the longest on record in the U.S. -- was nearly 19-feet long, and it was captured this month!

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