05/23/2013 03:17 pm ET

Bank Robber In Green Dress Stylishly Robs Iowa Bank

The First State Bank was robbed Monday by a robber, who is described as a 5’4” female with dark red or brown hair that may be a wig.

However, the robber's most distinguishing feature may be a stylish green dress which the fashionistas at the Herald Sun described as a "mullet dress" since it's short at the front and long at the back.

The suspect handed the teller a note demanding money and got away with an undisclosed amount of cash, WHO-TV reported. A witness reportedly saw the robber walk out of the bank and get into the trunk of a newer model dark navy sedan with a squared back end.

No one is doubting that the suspect wore an outfit that is more fashion-forward than the usual bank robber, but some who've visited the department's Facebook page are questioning if, as Austin Powers might put it, "she's a man, baby!"

"I think it looks like a dude with a wig. Look at the eyebrows and facial structure," said one woman, while another said, "Looks like a guy and looks like this lady has an adams apple if you enlarge it plus if you look at the full picture legs looks like a man to."

Others who claim they know the robber insist she's all woman.

A spokesman for the Guthrie County Sheriffs Office told The Huffington Post that authorities are looking into these leads, but no arrest has been made yet.

Anyone with information is asked to call them at 641-747-2214



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