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Set Decorator Jennifer Lukehart Talks About Recreating Lucille Austero's Apartment, 'Arrested Development' Homes (PHOTOS)

See what's changing on "Arrested Development," right down to our favorite neighbor's home.

Set decorator Jennifer Lukehart is responsible for making the homes of our "Arrested Development" favorites as quirky, fun and distinct as the characters themselves. And for the show's new season, which premieres May 26 on Netflix, House Beautiful sat down with Lukehart to find out the inside scoop about recreating the famous show's set.

For Lukehart, who is also responsible for decorating "(500) Days of Summer," this was unlike any project she had dealt with before. The show has been off-air since 2006 and none of the furniture or designs were available, so she had to start from scratch."I thought it would be no problem to find the fabric. Then I went to every textile store, where they all said, 'We sold a ton of that 10 years ago.' No one had it anymore!" she told the magazine.

But with some digging around, Lukehart was surprisingly able to pull the Bluths' penthouse and model home together, making them look extremely similar to what the cast was used to. "I had all sorts of crazy thoughts in my head, telling me it was going to be a disaster. And then it wasn't," she said.

There are some new designs we'll be seeing, particularly in Lucille Austero's place, which has gone from nautical to Art Decor (we can only imagine what the other Lucille will have to say about that.)

Scroll through our photos to see shots of Austero's penthouse, and be sure to head over to House Beautiful for the full interview.

jennifer lukehart arrested development

jennifer lukehart arrested developement

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