05/23/2013 05:41 am ET Updated May 23, 2013

'Nashville' Finale: Accident, Pregnancy, Paternity, Funeral, Proposal (VIDEO)

It seemed like everything but the kitchen sink made it into the script for the Season 1 finale of "Nashville." The hour featured a wedding proposal, funeral, alcohol-induced rage, award victory, paternity shocker, surprise pregnancy and a potentially tragic car accident.

As TVLine put it, "A huge reveal, a new pregnancy, a proposal and a car accident involving two of the lead characters? Good god, Nashville – save something for next season!"

Juliette mourned her mother in anger until she got a letter. Thankfully, Jolene had thought to write and explain that she'd done everything deliberately to take all of the controversy on herself and allow her daughter a chance to be clean for once. Still, it was a bittersweet awards victory for Juliette -- neither she nor Rayna were there for the ceremony.

Rayna bailed when her eldest daughter, Maddie, found out that Deacon was her father. Then, when she confronted Deacon, he found out. It was enough to throw 13 years of sobriety out the window. Rayna tried to drive him home from Juliette's memorial performance at the Bluebird, leading to a massive fight. It distracted Rayna, leading to a terrible accident that saw their vehicle roll over several times on its way into a ditch.

“All in all, the finale was well done and all the acting was phenomenal," wrote TV Fanatic of the whirlwind hour. "I was still holding my breath at the very end, even if the car crash was a bit obvious.” Luckily, "Nashville" is back in the fall to begin picking up all the pieces.

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