05/23/2013 05:29 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

3 Travel-Friendly Beauty Products To Pack For Your Next Trip (PHOTOS)

After spending a few hours on a plane or riding in a cramped car, we arrive at our final destination looking exhausted. (Celebrities make traveling seem more glamorous than it really is!) Our hair is a matted mess, faces are super dry and the makeup we applied before leaving home, well, let's just say it's barely there.

But you don't need a Hollywood budget or a seat in first class to look great on the go. Below, three travel-friendly beauty products that will take you from worn-out to wow.

1. Facial Mist
We like to think of this product as a more stylish alternative to face wipes. A few spritzes of hydrating mist will rehydrate dry, chafed skin instantly. It also works wonders to reset makeup and remove sweat.
travel friendly beauty products

2. Dry Shampoo
Whether in aerosol or powder version, dry shampoo is a must-have to revive limp and greasy hair. Simply apply as instructed, wait a few minutes and then style hair with your fingers for a sexy, tousled look.
travel friendly beauty products

3. Eye, Cheek and Lip Color
This multiple-use beauty product barely takes up any space in a carry-on -- meaning no drama from TSA. Swipe it on a tired face to fake a youthful glow. Trust us, you'll have everyone stunned.
travel friendly beauty products

What beauty products are always in your carry-on?

Meanwhile, see how the stars travel in style:

Celebrity Airport Style

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