05/23/2013 05:28 pm ET Updated Jul 23, 2013

Twin Peaks Time-Lapse Video Shows San Francisco At Sunrise

It's no secret we're suckers for time-lapse videos.

What's not to love about natural splendor in slow motion, especially when it features scenes from the most beautiful city in this here universe?

This latest gem we unearthed, posted to Vimeo a few years ago and revived on Reddit this week, is so hauntingly gorgeous we can barely believe it's real. Photographer Chad Richard used a high-definition camera to capture those precious first moments when the day comes to light from the top of Twin Peaks, transforming the city from shimmery twilight into a burst of orange in a matter of seconds.

"It was a glorious moment because mother nature was behaving," Richard says in the video's description.

Watch the beauty unfold above, and take a look at some of our other favorite San Francisco clips in the slideshow below:

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