05/24/2013 12:00 pm ET

Colbert Takes Down Obama's Foreign Policy Changes And 'Flying Deathbot Program' (VIDEO)

With President Obama's announcement that he intends to depart from Bush-era counterterrorism tactics, some critics have questioned whether his actions will match his words. Which left Stephen Colbert confused about how to feel on last night's "Colbert Report": On one hand, he hates Obama. On the other hand, he's glad he has been employing these policies.

He's particularly confused that Obama is rejecting AUMF, enacted after 9/11, which gives the president extremely broad war powers. "The president wants to repeal the source of his power?! That's like Ryan Gosling repealing his abs!"

Sen. Lindsey Graham, a typically harsh critic of Obama, thinks that the commander in chief should actually expand his privileges, as opposed to scaling them back. And Colbert agrees.

"Instead of repealing the AUMF, we must broaden the president's war powers in a way that's consistent with the values enshrined in our Constitution," Colbert said. "As Madison wrote in Article 3, yippee-ki-yay motherfucker!"

Check out the clip above for Colbert's take on Obama's foreign policy speech.



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