05/24/2013 04:44 am ET Updated May 24, 2013

'Does Someone Have To Go?' Premiere: Employees Decide If They Should Fire One Of Their Own (VIDEO)

The consensus seems to be that Fox's new reality series, "Does Someone Have to Go?" falls into the realm of trashy reality television, and not in the good way. The series follows troubled companies and essentially puts the power into the hands of the employees to see what they can do to change that ... and it usually comes down to firing one of their own.

In order to help them reach these decisions, the show has them watch video footage of their coworkers trashing one another and even reveals everyone's salary -- which is about as big a business "no-no" as there is.

"I feel like I’m watching people get beheaded," Lorraine said in this premiere while watching the salaries flash on the screen.

While the big reveal on who might get fired is waiting for Part 2 of the story next week, NPR has already decided they're done, describing the show as "destructive and grotesque and irresponsible." "This is essentially like claiming that because there's a food shortage at the zoo, you've let the lions ‘take over,’ by which you mean that they can decide which one of them will be killed and eaten by the rest," NPR said. "They can't leave the zoo, they can't get more food, they can't can the zookeeper and replace him with someone who will manage their environment a little better."

The AV Club agreed, giving the show a grade of "F" and describing it as "needless cruelty." Variety thinks it's in poor taste, as well, saying that professional humiliation should not be for public entertainment.

"Does Someone Have To Go?" continues this summer on Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on Fox.

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