05/24/2013 02:16 pm ET

Moore Tornado Video Shows Violent Twister Moving Across Oklahoma

“It’s doing damage. Major damage... This is an F5 right now,” one of the storm-chasers said in a shaky voice.

Just three minutes after the tornado touched down in Oklahoma, Chance Coldiron and Justin Cox of Fast Unit 70 already knew that they were witnessing a monstrosity. The above video shows an eerily clear view of the first 10 minutes of the Moore tornado, as it develops from a thin, wispy funnel into a terrifying, deadly tornado.

"This one is just getting stronger, and stronger, and stronger," one of the storm chasers observed around minute 6:30 as the twister turned. A close-up reveals dark gray clouds of debris, visible from miles away.

Those early observations were correct. Experts estimate the F5 tornado caused about $2 billion dollars worth of damage, destroyed up to 13,000 homes, and killed 24 people.

Click here for ways to help with the recovery effort. For any lost or found pets, visit OKClostpets.com.

Check out more videos of the Oklahoma tornado below.



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