05/27/2013 07:58 am ET

Partying Princes, Princesses & Other 'Royals' Who Just Want To Have Fun (PHOTOS)

They may attend mandatory tea parties and curtsy to their grandmothers, but even royals like to let loose sometimes. Every other weekend, it seems Princesses Eugenie and Beatrice are hitting the bars with their boyfriends (or their mother, Fergie), or Prince Harry is spotted dancing the night away at a members-only club.

And that doesn't even include Pippa Middleton, whose job as royal sister-in-law seems to be holding down the fort that is London nightlife while her sister is away at Kensington Palace.

In other words, royals just want to have fun. In honor of the long weekend, we've rounded up our favorite princes, princesses, duchesses and royal relatives partying like the monarchy's going out of style... and looking like they might've had a wee bit much to drink in the process.

Royals Just Want To Have Fun

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