05/24/2013 12:10 pm ET Updated May 24, 2013

Sex Tips: How To Have An Orgasm After A Split (VIDEO)

Sex after a split can be a stressful experience -- and unfortunately, one that may not be too enjoyable at first.

A woman in the audience of "The Doctors" on Thursday admitted that since breaking up with her ex five years ago, she hasn't been able to orgasm -- neither with a partner nor on her own.

According to Dr. Rachel Ross, a sex specialist, this is a very common phenomenon. Ross offered some key pieces of advice to help women healing from a split achieve the "Big O."

"You need to spend time outside of the bedroom letting them know what you like and how to touch. This can come through dialogue over dinner or even through texting -- what you like, what are some of the things that get you going. He wants to know because he wants you to have that orgasm," she said. "But another thing too is that you have to find out how to have one by yourself first. You have to find one during solo play."

Watch the video above for more of Ross' tips, including some props that may be helpful to women experiencing similar issues. Then, click through the slideshow below 19 celebs who overshared about their sex lives.

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