05/27/2013 03:01 pm ET

Dating After Divorce: How Dating After Divorce Differs From Dating When You're Younger

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Think back on dating when you were younger. Doesn't it seem like your biggest concerns were what you would wear and whether or not the latest "Beverly Hills Cop" movie was worth your time? (Note to our younger selves: See the the first two, skip the third.)

Anyway, the point is, dating is completely different after divorce. Sure, you want to date again, but getting back out there isn't always easy. What divorcé doesn't wonder if they're even ready to meet someone new -- and, what's more, if the kids are prepared?

Knowing how difficult dating after divorce can be for many, we turned to our readers on Facebook and Twitter and asked them to share with us how their post-divorce dating experiences differed from dating when they were younger. Check out their answers below, then share your post-divorce dating stories in the comments.

How Dating Differs After Divorce

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