05/29/2013 11:14 am ET

'Don't Be Tardy...': Kim Zolciak Caught Spying On Daughter's Date (VIDEO)

On “Don’t Be Tardy..." this week, Kim Zolciak was nervous about her daughter’s first “real date.” Sixteen-year-old Brielle was going to a school dance, and Kim decided to spy on them at a restaurant.

"She’s double-dipping. I need to tell her that is not appropriate. No double-dipping," Kim said, looking on. But then, she got caught. “What’s gonna happen when I’m 23? Are you gonna be sitting here, too?” Brielle asked. "Probably," Kim replied.

So we all got an important lesson out of this: Don’t double dip.

On Twitter, Kim complemented Brielle and her date on how good they looked in their formal wear.

Fans were loving every minute of Kim's "Don't Be Tardy..." shenanigans, calling the show hilarious and addicting on Twitter.

"Don't Be Tardy..." airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on Bravo.

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