05/29/2013 09:26 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Heather Graham's Leather Dress Looks Mighty Uncomfortable (PHOTOS)

As one of the most hilarious buddy comedy trilogies in recent memory, "The Hangover" needs a leading lady. And who better to stand out from Bradley Cooper's frat pack than Heather Graham? A comedic actress adept at providing equal amounts smile and sizzle, the blonde beauty knows how to steal the screen -- and the premiere circuit.

"Part III" made its way to Brazil on Tuesday, and Graham gave the red carpet a run for its money in a body-conscious red leather dress. The 43-year-old's frock fit like a glove... which made us wonder: How uncomfortable must that be?! We'll admit we've tried the sticky trend on for size, and we've found that leather dresses and leather pants are pretty tricky to pull off (literally). With heavy animal skin covering Heather's arms AND legs in Rio in May, it's likely she gave sweaty Gisele some slick competition.

Thank goodness Heather's outfit offered back and elbow windows for some much-needed ventilation. Would you try her dress on for size?


heather graham leather dress

heather graham leather dress

Heather's not the only lady in leather:

Ladies In Leather

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