05/29/2013 09:33 am ET

Katie Couric: 'Today' Approached Me To Come Back

Katie Couric said Tuesday that "Today" had probed the possibility of her returning to co-host "Today."

Matt Lauer had reportedly reached out to Couric before Ann Curry was formally promoted in 2011. “There were some cautious overtures to me to possibly come back to the 'Today' show, but they evaporated," Couric told Howard Stern on Tuesday. "For me, that was the best job,” she added.

Couric confirmed that she and Lauer had considered teaming up to do a syndicated show, as Howard Kurtz reported earlier this year. They had talked about selling the show to NBC, and featuring Couric on "Today" as a co-host with Lauer and Curry for a year and a half until Lauer was contractually free to do the talk show. "Today" considered the idea, but ultimately rejected it.

Couric co-hosted "Today" with Lauer from 1997 when he was named co-host, until 2006 when she left NBC News to anchor "CBS Evening News." During that time, "Today" began its sixteen-year streak as the country's number one morning show.

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