05/30/2013 04:04 pm ET

Jeffrey Tambor in D.C.: 'Arrested Development' Actor To Perform One-Man Show For Mental Health Benefit

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George Bluth is going to be dishing out advice, but it probably won't have anything to do with money in banana stands.

Actor Jeffrey Tambor, who plays the morally dysfunctional Bluth patriarch on the re-hatched comedy "Arrested Development," will soon be in the D.C. area performing a 90-minute show billed as a "comedy and interactive Q&A" meant to help the audience members overcome difficulties and thrive.

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The Washington Post notes that this may be geared more toward theatrical aspirants than fans of "Arrested Development" -- however, the question-and-answer round should give you a chance to ask deep questions about sweat lodges, ice cream sandwiches and perhaps another season of the cult-comedy.

The show will be performed June 8 at National Harbor's Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center . Tickets start $75 for Tambor's one-man show, "Performing Your Life," which will be part of Mental Health America's inaugural "A Night in the Limelight," but proceeds will benefit the organization, which aims to educate Americans in order eliminate the stigma of mental health conditions and advocate on behalf of those who need mental help.



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