05/30/2013 11:48 am ET Updated May 30, 2013

Jordan, Not Rodman, Was Vice's First Choice As Basketball Diplomat To North Korea: Report

This just in: You don't have to be Chamillionaire to get rejected by Michael Jordan.

According to The New York Times, creators of the HBO series "Vice" told a crowd gathered for a preview screening of the show's season finale that they had gone with Dennis Rodman after originally approaching Jordan about visiting North Korea. Jordan said no.

Surprised? Didn't think so. (Seriously, would anyone pick "The Worm" when they could have Mike?)

But just because Jordan was a better player on the court doesn't exactly mean that he'd be a better "diplomat" in the field. While Kim Jong Un's adoration for Jordan has been reported in the past, the legendary basketball player has been known to dis high-profile fans.

So even if Rodman leaked the news of Kim's daughter, at least he and the supreme leader appeared to get along. No one would want Jordan to tarnish his legacy by throwing Kim a cold shoulder and setting off an international incident -- the gambling allegations have done enough damage.