05/30/2013 11:55 am ET

'Real World': Jessica Gets Dumped Over Email (VIDEO)

On "The Real World: Portland" Jessica got dumped -- digitally.

She had been seeing Tyler, and fell pretty head over heels. She put up pictures of the two of them all over her room, gave him a framed keychain picture of them, and told him things like this over the phone: “I like you Tyler. I talk to my mom about you a lot. I even told my dad I was dating you ... If you and I got serious, I wouldn’t be opposed to moving to Portland.”

Predictably, all that adulation freaked out Tyler pretty quickly, and he broke up with Jess in an email.

Still, despite Jess’ intensity -- Gossip & Gab was confused by Tyler's email. Tyler said he cared a lot about Jess, called her his princess, and then dumped her in the next paragraph.

MTV wrote Tyler was a “wuss” for breaking things off via email -- though a poll on the network’s website shows that 75 percent of voters agreed Jess’ picture shrine was, in a word, creepy.

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