05/30/2013 03:39 pm ET Updated May 30, 2013

Steve Nash's Divorce Court Battle With Ex-Wife Heads Up

NBA star Steve Nash's court battle with ex-wife Alejandra Amarilla is heating up.

According to TMZ, Nash's attorney accused Amarilla in court Wednesday of attempting to move to California in order to obtain child support from her superstar ex -- offering up an e-mail Amarilla reportedly sent to a third party as proof.

The e-mail reportedly read, "My position is we are moving to California because [our children's] father is there. I believe the school is a great fit for them. I can't buy a home unless we get child support. Plan is to move to CA. Wait 6 months then get court involved in child support."

Amarilla has said that she wants to move to Los Angeles so that the couple's three kids can spend more time with their dad. Last week, an Arizona judge issued a restraining order barring her from doing so until an agreement is reached in trial.

The pair announced their split in 2010 after five years of marriage. An Arizona judge previously ruled that Amarilla is not entitled to child support, though she may be able to seek child support in California if she were to move.

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