05/31/2013 11:09 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Advice For Women: 'Attention Ladies' Facebook Post Gives Some Important Suggestions To Anyone Who's Thrown A Party

One woman has some VERY important advice for ladies who like to throw parties -- specifically the tupperware/sex toy/Mary Kay variety.

Madeline, who's lengthy "Attention, Ladies" Facebook post ended up on Lamebook yesterday, is fed up with going to "parties" that are really sales pitches. "Ladies stop calling it a party when you are really just inviting me to your house to buy candles/sex toys/scrapbook supplies/makeup/tupperware/etc.," she writes. She then goes on to make 11 pointed suggestions to women who "insist on having these 'parties.'"

advice for women

All of her advice is pretty excellent, but here are a few of the most important party-planning lessons that Madeline taught us:

--Wine is a must: "You need to have wine. A lot of it. Enough to make Italy feel ashamed."
--Cute animals make everything better: "You need an assortment of pets that like to cuddle."
--Don't skimp on the food: "Real food must be served. Like ribs or wings. None of this veggie tray and salsa bullsh*t."
--A good party mixes things up: "For every 30 minutes of sales pitch there must be a 30-minute break to talk about ANYTHING ELSE."
--Make sure your guests have a way to get home: "Someone should be made available to drive everyone home. After all the wine, shots and ribs, this is a must."

"We can do so much better," she writes, to all women who have ever thrown an unintentionally "lame" party. Thanks for telling it like it is, Madeline.

Click over to Lamebook to read the full post.



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